Sdi Binder Clip - 41 Mm

Sdi Binder Clip - 41 Mm
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  • Brand: SDI
  • Product Code: STABDR0006
  • Availability: In Stock

An improved binder clip comprised of resilient sheet metal pincher substantially triangular in cross section and metallic wire actuating arms which are rotably hinged at pincher grip edges. Pressure applied on the actuating arms urge open the pincher at grip edges while making contact at pivot bars. By providing a pivot point closer to the gripping edges, the pincher requires less pressure to open and consequently less pain and discomfort to the fingertips.
  • 1 Dozen clips per pack (Inner box)
  • 12 Packs in a box
  • 41 mm (1-1/4 Inch) size
  • Ideal for use in Office and home for holding documents

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