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We are the Distributor of Coffee Day Beverages Vending Machines and Consumables. Coffee day beverages provides you a state of the art, stylish and sleek machine, Celesta on rental basis. The simple and user-friendly controls allow you to enjoy specialty coffees at the push of a button! Each steaming cup of coffee is made from the best hand-picked and specially roasted beans from coffee day's very own exquisite plantations.

Quality: Coffee day quality experts strictly monitor all processes involved,right from planting coffee to dispensing the beverage in your cup. The roast coffee beans used with the machines are packed in aluminium pouches fitted with Goglio valves to preserve the freshness and aroma by restricting the inflow of air.

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Denone Tetra Milk Pack 1 Ltr

Denone Tetra Milk Pack 1 Ltr

Danone UHT Toned Milk is low in fat and keeps you fresh and active the entire day. The toned milk is tasty and nutritious and is known to be well suited for tea and coffee  making...

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