Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I place an order?

Order can placed only by registered users with us. You need to register only once for all your transactions.

How do I track my order?

You can track your orders by logging into your account. Enter your ID and password. Go to my orders. You will find the history of the orders that you have placed in this section.


Can I return an order?

Yes, we offer a 3 days returns policy, which means if you don’t want to keep the item, you can return it to us.
However, the following conditions apply on all returns:

  1. Only unopened, unused items can be returned.
  2. Returns are possible in all categories, except electronics.
  3. While returning make sure the item is in its original packaging with labels, tags, in saleable condition. Hence, please do not open the packaging, if you decide to return an item.
  4. All returned items will be subject to inspection by our staff, before proceeding with replacements.

How long does the return process take?

We strives towards early closure of all returns. Hence, we take about 48 working hours to pick up the item from your address and the same number of hours to return the replaced item to you. The whole process of returning a product doesn't exceed more than 14 working days. In case we don't have return pick up available in your area, we urge you to send the product back to us at the earliest.

Does we allow partial return from an order?

Yes, we accepts the return of a part of an order in case of multiple items. We also accept partial shipment returns as well. However, this offer may not apply if you have bought the product in the period of a promotional offer or special schemes.


OfficeZarurat is open to feedback and happy to enhance your OfficeZarurat experience. To place a complaint, you can call us on our customer care number +91-98711-19339. You can also send an email to us with your query, your order number and the date of your order to Help@officezarurat.com.

If you require a replacement of your product, please send in a mail with an attached photograph of your product with the product number. Kindly mention the date of delivery in the email.


The website – OfficeZarurat.com solely reserves the right to cancel any order without any explanation for doing so, as per the requirement & situation. We will ensure that any communication of cancellation of an order or any applicable refund will be made in quickest possible time.